Can a food delivery company keep your tips?
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Can a food delivery company keep your tips?

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2021 | Uncategorized

If you make your living delivering food and drinks to people’s doors, you may have found that the living you make is less than you’d hoped for.

Working as a delivery driver or rider is never going to be the best-paid job. Yet third-party delivery companies could still treat you better. 

While California lawmakers have not solved all the problems related to the gig economy, they have passed new legislation which should help in your area of work.

Transparency benefits customers and employees

When customers call for a delivery, they will now get transparency about what they are paying for. Delivery companies must break down the meal cost, the delivery cost and any commission. That alone could help you increase your tips.

Before the bill, a customer had no idea what they were paying for. All they got was an often overinflated total price. No one likes to pay over the odds for something, and customers who feel they have spent too much are less likely to tip well.

By breaking the bill down, it prevents delivery companies from overcharging. It should lead to more satisfied customers who are more likely to leave you a good tip.

The second thing the bill does is make it illegal for the delivery company to keep your tips. While you could previously retain anything a client gave you in cash, you could never be sure the delivery company was not siphoning off the tips clients added to the bill.

Despite this new law, some employers will continue to cheat workers out of the money they earn. Many have gotten away with doing it for years. Finding out more about California’s employment laws can help you stand up to them and get the money they owe you.