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At Toni Jaramilla, A Professional Law Corporation, we focus our practice on employment and labor law and civil rights. We are not “general” civil litigators, but attorneys with an exclusive focus on matters of civil rights, employment, and labor on behalf of workers. Our focus is critical to achieving favorable outcomes for our clients because employment law is a complex, rapidly evolving and highly specialized area of law — especially in California.

Because we have a focused practice, our lawyers are able to keep our finger on the pulse of developments in employment and labor law in California, which allows us to provide effective and focused legal representation for employees whose civil and constitutional rights have been denied in the workplace.

Trial attorneys at our Los Angeles law firm have over two decades of litigation experience representing hundreds of employees and members of the community over the years in cases involving:

We provide our clients with focused and personal attention. Our firm carefully selects the type and number of cases we handle at a time so that we can devote personalized attention to each of our cases. We recognize that each situation is different. Some clients need our assistance to negotiate a severance package or settlement, represent them in mediation, help them obtain a work accommodation for their disability, or simply refer them to an appropriate government agency. Some may still be working and need our guidance to empower them to stop any ongoing harassment or abuse that they are currently experiencing.

There are many ways to resolve an employment dispute short of an all-out litigation war. Nevertheless, if settlement fails and the facts and law support it, we are prepared to storm into court and battle on our client’s behalf. Whether you have an abusive employer, or are brutalized by law enforcement, or a loved one is killed by unlawful police tactics, we will fight hard for justice.

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