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August 2019 Archives

What can you do about unpaid wages?

If there is anything that should upset you, it's the idea that you'd go to work and do your time only to go without appropriate pay. If it happens once, it might be an oversight, but if you're missing compensation over and over again, the reality is that you're probably dealing with wage theft.

Your employer can't discriminate against you based on genetics

Discrimination is defined as treating someone unjustly or with prejudice as a result of their differences. By law, discrimination against certain groups of people is illegal. These laws aim to protect vulnerable groups and encourage equality when employers hire, promote or terminate employees.

Pregnant emergency service workers face several risks

Major companies and organizations in California should have some form of reasonable accommodations for pregnant workers, however, some struggle to implement them into their workplaces more than others. This is especially present in industries that require their employees to perform physically demanding jobs. Having a pregnant worker may interrupt their workflow for a brief period of time, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be unprepared to handle the situation.

What situations may be wrongful termination?

A wrongful termination is nothing short of shocking to those who go through it. The truth is that many who face wrongful terminations know that something isn't right. They may also feel discriminated against or have a nagging feeling that someone is "out to get them." And, what's worse, is that they may be right.

Google settles class action age discrimination claim

One of Silicon Valley's most famous companies, Google, recently settled a class action lawsuit alleging age discrimination to the tune of $11 million. Those who were watching the case believe the settlement may spur California's many technology companies to make changes to prevent age discrimination in the workplace.

You can protect yourself after a wrongful termination

A wrongful termination can be damaging in several ways. It can cause financial stress, hurt feelings and harm to the reputation of an individual. A wrongful termination might occur because of discrimination or for other illegal reasons.

Unwelcome sexual touching is unlawful

It may be tempting for many people to continue to think of certain types of sexual touching, like grabbing a person's hand or forcing a hug, as just harmless flirtation. However, employees should remember that California and federal law could actually treat this sort of behavior as sexual harassment.

Get help to stop sexual harassment in the workplace

Nothing is more damaging to a person in a work environment than feeling as if they don't matter or are constantly threatened as a result of their gender and what they look like. While there are many attractive people in the world, no one should have to suffer from sexual harassment simply for being handsome or beautiful. It's not fair to expect people to respond kindly to sexist remarks or commentary on their looks.

Off-the-clock work is often illegal; always problematic

For those who work on an hourly wage in California, their livelihood, to a great extent, depends on the time clock. The more hours they work while clocked in, the more they get paid. Moreover, a precise count of how many hours they have devoted to their jobs is necessary to figure out whether they are entitled to overtime for a given pay period. This is one reason why so-called off-the-clock work is almost always problematic and, on many occasions, prohibited under both federal and California law.

California’s PFL program extends wage replacement benefits

In the past, we’ve highlighted the risks that California workers face when they take time off to take care of their loved ones. While we have discussed how employers can find loopholes in the state’s laws to use against their workers, there is also the issue of employees not getting enough money during this vulnerable period. The California Family Rights Act (CFRA) allows up to 12 weeks of job-protected leave, but not all of them are paid.

An overview of national origin discrimination

California is the home to people of many different ethnicities and national origins. People from all over the world come to the Los Angeles area and to Southern California more generally for the various economic opportunities and freedoms that this state offers.

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