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Lawyer Limelight: Toni Jaramilla - By John Ryan - April 22, 2021 - Lawyer Limelights, News & Features

Toni Jaramilla at a press conference representing three black teens racially profiled and detained by retail giant Target, calling for boycott.



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Attorney and activist, Toni Jaramilla, announcing to the press the filing of a civil rights lawsuit on behalf of her client, Eugene Martindale III, against the City of Long Beach, Long Beach Police Department.




Toni Jaramilla at press conference, representing family of unarmed Black man, Levert Jefferson, killed as a result of excessive force.




Civil Rights attorney, Toni Jaramilla, speaking to the press as an activist, regarding the fatal shooting of Fred Williams by Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputies.




Toni Jaramilla and other civil rights leaders demand accountability for police violence against peaceful protestors during wake of George Floyd’s death.




Toni Jaramilla speaking as an activist leader during Black Lives Matter and George Floyd protests in 2020.



Press conference announcing the wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the Jefferson family whose son died due to excessive force.



                • Press Conference










        • Press Conference






        • Press Conference





Article in the Journal of Consumer Attorneys Associations for Southern California

Read the full article in the PDF here. Read the full article in the PDF here.

Legislative Update 2018

Toni Jaramilla

Toni Jaramilla testifying at the State Capitol in support of SB 1300, which strengthens protections for California workers who are victims of sexual harassment and discrimination. The bill was signed into law by Governor Brown in September, 2018. Workers’ Rights Attorney Toni Jaramilla and Team Featured in Los Angeles Daily Journal KABC Radio – So, What’s Your Problem Part 1 KABC Radio – So, What’s Your Problem Part 2 KABC Radio – So, What’s Your Problem Part 3 KABC Radio – So, What’s Your Problem Part 4 Link to the KABC “So, What’s Your Problem” show Arm yourself with strategies and statutes to combat sexual harassment and gender violence How To Report Workplace Sexual Harassment Hollywood Actors Speak of ‘Rampant’ Problem of Male Abusers Targeting Men Toni Jaramilla: Gender Inequity in Sports on ESPN LA Toni Jaramilla, A Professional Law Corporation, Moves Office of Operations Los Angeles Workers’ Rights Attorney Toni Jaramilla Named to Elite Lawyers List Attorney Toni Jaramilla Dispels Misconceptions About FMLA and CFRA Attorney Toni Jaramilla Takes Gender Discrimination Case to California Superior Court Attorney Toni Jaramilla Discusses Greater Diversity at Academy Awards Attorney Toni Jaramilla Files Equal Rights Lawsuit Against Los Angeles Unified School District Attorney Toni Jaramilla Files Race Discrimination Complaint Against Islands Restaurant Attorney Toni Jaramilla Enlightens Employees about their Rights Workers’ Advocate and Attorney Toni Jaramilla Attends CELA Conference on Anniversary of Delano Grape Strikes

Interview on American Law


Attorney Toni Jaramilla Discusses Greater Diversity at Academy Awards

Give Toni Jaramilla a double shot of espresso and Eskrima sticks, and watch out

die in picToni Jaramilla (in pink coat)- Demonstrating in a mass “die-in” against police brutality towards Blacks and other minorities in front of the Los Angeles Superior Court.


ESPN interviews

KPFK Audio Interview – For The Record – Scaramella v. O’Hara’s. Waitress fired in retaliation for complaining of gender discrimination and having to wear sexy “naughty school girl” skirt.

ESPN Audio Interview – The Experience


Toni Jaramilla quoted in LA Times article
BLM: Uprisings to Reform

#MeToo Inspired Legislation Bans Settlement Provisions that Silence and Punish Those Who Stand Up Against Sexual Harassment and Gender Discrimination

Whistle-blowing: Insurer gets smacked for bullying employees

Employment Law Attorney Toni Jaramilla Dialogues with California Supreme Court Chief Justice

“Retailer Paid Large Awards to Plaintiffs” by Lauren Weber, The Wall Street Journal, Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Media Coverage of Ms. Jaramilla:

Adding diversity to the advocates for workers’ rights Employment lawyers say they want to better mirror their clients

Media Coverage of Ms. Jaramilla:

Miss. ‘Gentlemen’s Club’ Settles Dancers’ Discrimination Suit

L.A. Magazine: Super Lawyers – Rising Stars Edition – Featuring Toni J. Jaramilla, September, 2004 (PDF)

Los Angeles Daily Journal – Bar President Is Feisty Advocate: Bar Group Leader Takes Stand For Philippine Equity

As seen on Television’s Celebrity Justice Ms. Jaramilla was interviewed as a legal expert on the sexual harassment laws pertaining to then candidate for governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

California State Bar Labor & Employment Law Quarterly

Los Angeles County Bar Association – LACBA This Week

Daily Journal : Labor & Employment Roundtable

Media Coverage of Ms. Jaramilla’s Cases:

Featured on CBS Local News – 6/26/12 – Ex-Waitress Sues Westwood Bar Over Skimpy Skirts, Ratings System

Featured on NBC News – 6/27/12 – Former Restaurant Employee “Appalled, Offended” By Skimpy Uniform

Los Angeles Daily Journal – 1/8/04 – Black Workers Sue Home Depot For Race Bias (as seen KABC News)

Los Angeles Times – 10/16/03 – Toni Jaramilla Represents Whistleblower – Cedars – Sinai Employees Will Receive $875,000

Los Angeles Sentinel – 9/30/99 – Worker Finds ‘Lynched’ Coke Bottle In Auto Plant; Sues Toyota For Racism (as seen KNBC News)

Los Angeles Daily Journal – 9/12/02 – Muslim Settles Claim Against Proselytizing Christian Boss

From The Wave: Woman Alleges ‘Racial Profiling,’ Coding At Woodland Hills Employment Agency

Daily Bruin – 9/26/98 – Lawsuit Against UCLA Returns To Court

Appellate Court Decisions:

Jennifer Bellardine v. AppleOne Employment Services

Carrillo V. The Regents Of The University Of California

Articles written by Ms. Jaramilla

Daily Journal – You’ve Gotta Fight for Your Right to Nap

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