Subtle signs of age discrimination at work
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Subtle signs of age discrimination at work

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2024 | Discrimination

Age discrimination isn’t always blatant. In fact, it is quite common to couch it in seemingly innocuous actions that make it harder to prove employees’ allegations.

Below are some less-than-obvious ways our employer could be engaging in workplace age discrimination.

Denying industry expansion opportunities

If you are an employee in their 40s, 50s or 60s, you may have noticed that your colleagues in their 20s and 30s get career opportunities that might include furthering their education on the company dime, taking courses in the field or attending work conferences. Yet you haven’t been offered those same chances for advancement.

Being shut out of client interfacing

If you were the workhorse behind the management of a client’s account but a younger co-worker is the one tasked with handling all face-to-face meetings, your employer could be trying to put forth a more youthful face to the brand. This subtle type of age discrimination can bar advancement in your chosen field.

Lay-offs that target older workers

Economic downturns can dictate the need to pink-slip a percentage of a company’s workforce. But when the only workers getting laid off are higher-earning older employees, age discrimination could be at play.

Using codewords

Beware of job descriptions that mention possible code words, e.g., ads seeking “high-energy individuals” with “fresh perspectives,” as these can indicate that older workers need not apply at certain companies.

What victims of age discrimination can do

Sometimes you must take a stance and fight against injustices like age discrimination in the workplace. Learning more about workers’ rights here in California can help you build a strong case against the employer that trampled your rights.