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Employment discrimination must never occur

Employees should be free to do their job duties without having to worry about being discriminated against. In an effort to protect these workers, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission works to ensure that laws forbidding discrimination are followed. There are several categories that are protected under the law.

It is imperative that all employers know exactly what facets of a person's life can't be scrutinized at work. This can help them to write out employment policies that protect the employees and minimize the chance that the company will face litigation due to discrimination.

NBC under fire with allegations of sexual harassment on the job

In society, there is always a frustration when sexual harassment is discussed. Some people believe it's always the person who commits the crime's fault. Others blame victims for not defending themselves or being clear about how they feel. Most of all, people want to see that someone is held accountable.

An activist group, UltraViolet, has spoken out to take a stand against the way NBC has been handling sexual harassment. The group has been calling for the firing of several news executives after allegations were made in a book by a former correspondent. The group acts on behalf of harassment and sexual assault victims. It went to the headquarters of NCB Universal, Comcast, to demand that justice be served.

Religious discrimination during the holiday season

Every winter holiday season for several years has erupted into a cultural war between advocates of "Merry Christmas" and those who back "Happy Holidays," instead. The reality, however, is that the winter months have major holidays in them for many of the world's religions -- and you shouldn't have to face religious discrimination at work if you don't happen to share the same faith as your employers or co-workers.

What amounts to religious discrimination during the holidays? Here are some potential examples:

Discrimination in hiring and recruiting

Much attention in the news is given to situations where an employee currently working for an employer suffers harassment or discrimination. Likewise, Californians often hear about situations in which an employee gets fired or otherwise forced out of her job for discriminatory reasons.

Certainly, this sort of behavior on the part of employers in the Los Angeles area should not be tolerated. However, it is easy to overlook the fact that employers also have certain obligations to potential employees when they are seeking to attract or hire new talent.

Wrongfully terminated? Get the help you need to fight back

You were fired from your job, and you're sure it was not for legal reasons. They always commented on unusual parts of your life and when you were asked, you didn't hold back. They seemed interested in your sexuality the most, which should have been off-limits. It's your belief that you were terminated when your boss found out that you were gay.

If you are terminated in a situation like this, it's important to take a few steps. To start with, you'll want to note the date and write down any instances that could be used to explain why this was a wrongful termination and the reason that you believe your superior used your sexual preferences against you. These are important dates and documents to give to your attorney.

Employers can't retaliate against employees for protected actions

Employers should never violate laws or regulations that govern its activities. When an employee knows that something illegal is going on, they might opt to file a report. This often comes with some concern because they aren't sure how the company will react. While it is possible that someone from the company will act in an undesirable manner in response to the complaint, they should never do this because it is illegal.

There are federal laws offering protection to employees who file factual complaints against their employer. No employer is allowed to retaliate against an employee who files a report against the company or another employee, and there are other protected actions that can't result in retaliation.

Facebook ad case highlights discriminatory recruiting

Recently, the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or EEOC, announced that it was pursuing several large corporations, including a major rental car company, a large bank, and a nationally known investment advisory firm, on allegations that they engaged in discriminatory recruiting.

The EEOC issued a determination of reasonable cause to the firms, meaning that the EEOC had good reason to believe that the firms had engaged in discrimination. While these determinations often foster settlements, they also are the first step toward the EEOC, or an injured employee, filing suit.

Get help if you're not being paid correctly at work

There is never any reason that an employer shouldn't understand how to pay their employees appropriately. There are state laws in place, federal laws to abide by and even specialty attorneys and accountants who can help guarantee that they're paying in accordance with the law.

If you have been working for an employer but don't see the appropriate pay, it's important that you reach out to seek help. Wage and hour violations are extremely serious, and you should not be the one who is going without the compensation you deserve for your hard work.

Hotel worker's suit sparks change in practice

A Southern California dishwasher's lawsuit, which got her named a "Person of the Year" by Time magazine in 2017, has also led to some important changes in the hotel industry, which is a staple of the economy in the Los Angeles area and the rest of Southern California.

In the lawsuit, the woman, who worked at an upscale hotel through a temporary agency, complained that her supervisor sexually harassed her. Ultimately, she settled her suit with the temporary agency for $250,000, but the hotel itself avoided paying a claim. It should be noted in this respect that the temporary agency may have been the woman's legal employer.

Hotels to add security devices, training to prevent harassment

Sexual harassment is something that no one should have to go through at work, whether you're working in an office, on location as a consultant or even as a dancer. There is no time when harassment is acceptable in a workplace.

That's why it's important for employers to take steps to protect workers against sexual harassment. One good piece of news is that over 5,000 hotels and resorts in America are doing just that.

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