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Los Angeles Wrongful Termination Lawyer

In California, employment is considered to be “at will,” which means that employers are free to discharge individuals for almost any reason – for good cause, or bad cause, or no cause at all. At-will employment also means that employees are equally free to quit, strike or otherwise stop working.

While there are many legitimate reasons for employers to fire employees, the law protects employees from discrimination based on race, age, national origin and gender. It is illegal for employers to make decisions about jobs just because of the way a person is – not because of his or her actions.

It is also illegal for employers to fire employees who report an employer’s illegal activity. At Toni Jaramilla, A Professional Law Corporation, in Los Angeles, we handle many different types of wrongful termination lawsuits.

Whistleblower Claims And Qui Tam Actions

Our lawyers bring whistleblower claims and qui tam actions involving reported wrongdoing by California employers. If you have been wrongfully terminated for having reported an illegal condition, sexual harassment, discrimination or safety violation, you may have a claim for retaliatory discharge based on your actions as a whistleblower.

If you believe that your employer is illegally earning money by filing fraudulent claims for payment from the U.S. government, you may be able to take action as well by filing a qui tam claim. Our lawyers can handle qui tam claims brought by workers, including pharmacy employees and health care providers whose employers have filed for reimbursement under Medicare or Medicaid programs.

How Do I Know That I Was Fired Illegally?

It can be difficult to know whether your employer terminated your position for the right reasons – or the wrong ones. If you suspect that your employer is not being honest about the reasons for which you were fired, you should talk with a lawyer at our firm. We often hear from potential clients whose employers claimed layoffs, but then only terminated select people or re-posted the positions immediately. If this has happened to you, talk with us.

Contact A Beverly Hills Illegal Firing Attorney

Take action after retaliatory termination. Contact a Los Angeles wrongful termination attorney or the legal staff at Toni Jaramilla, A Professional Law Corporation. We are available at 310-551-3020 or you can contact us online.