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Why is the Family and Medical Leave Act important?

How well do you know the Family and Medical Leave Act (FLMA)? Do you know when you're protected by it and when it doesn't apply? This important act is a federal protection. It provides eligible employees of certain employers to take time off while protecting their job. The leave is unpaid, but it gives them time to spend with family or to care for a dependent party.

Sweetgreen aims to change restaurant industry with paid leave

No matter who you work for, you want to know that your employer realizes that your family and health come first. In most cases, employers feel the same way you do, wanting to make sure you're healthy and that your family is well.

The FMLA may protect your job while you care for loved ones

Thanks to the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA), covered employers are required to provide employees with unpaid, job-protected leave if faced with qualifies family or medical reasons. After taking leave, the employee should be able to return to their position as if they'd never left.

Understand your rights with the Family and Medical Leave Act

Imagine that your wife is badly injured in a car accident. You have two weeks of vacation that you can take from work, which allows you to be paid in full despite having to be away from the job. After that, though, you have no way to cover your losses. Worse than that is that you could lose your job if you miss too much time.

3 common issues that can arise for workers taking leave

Many workers in California receive job-protected leave under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act and the California Family Rights Act. These measures allow eligible employees to take time away from work for specific reasons (birth or adoption of a child, serious medical conditions) without having to risk losing their job.

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