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Standing Up For Your Rights To A Natural Hairstyle

In the summer of 2019, California became the first state to ban natural hairstyle-based discrimination. Now a law, this ban protects all California employees from workplace policies and authorities that would pressure workers into a Eurocentric or any other form of hairstyle that employers may consider to be workplace appropriate. If you believe you have been affected by harassment or discrimination over your natural hairstyle, you need an attorney who will stand up for your rights as a protected employee.

For decades, our legal team at Toni Jaramilla, A Professional Law Corporation, in Los Angeles has represented workers whose rights have been violated by discrimination, sexual harassment or another form of illegal workplace behavior. We are an employee-focused law firm seeking to provide our clients with the best attainable outcomes in each case.

Decades Of Experience Serving To Protect Workers Impacted By Discrimination

The natural hairstyle discrimination ban protects workers from discrimination based on their natural hairstyles. Such hairstyles may include Afros, dreadlocks, cornrows and other styles. The ban prevents employers from the following actions as they relate to natural hairstyles, including:

  • Refusal to hire
  • Demotion or decrease in pay and hours
  • Promotion denial
  • To engage in or allow worker harassment
  • Termination
  • Retaliation for a discrimination claim

Whatever the situation, our experienced lawyers will work to tailor their strategy to meet your legal needs and goals as a worker suffering the effects of discrimination.

Reach Out For Clarity And Help

Are you unsure whether you have been discriminated against for your natural hairstyle? Are you looking to learn more about our services? We provide free half-hour consultations. Call our office at 310-551-3020 or connect with us online to set up an appointment.