Why could a video application harm your employment chances?
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Why could a video application harm your employment chances?

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2022 | Discrimination

You see a job that you know you could do well. You have the qualifications and experience the company asks for. Then you see they want you to send in a video application.

Some employers believe they can learn a lot about a person by asking them to apply by video. The problem is, they might be learning the wrong things — things that cause them to discriminate against the best candidates for the role.

Some great candidates certainly lose out because their resume lets them down or because the recruitment program filters them out on a technicality. However, resumes are less open to discrimination than videos.

Everyone has biases

Imagine that you are the person hiring and must watch videos of people. Do you think you would give all of them equal attention?

If you click on a video application and find the person attractive, you will probably watch it with more enthusiasm than if the person is the complete opposite of your type. If you worked for a company that has a workforce made up of young people and opened the video to find someone that reminds you of your grandfather, you might instantly assume they would not fit in with the team.

Employers need to ensure that they do not discriminate against job candidates based on protected classes such as gender, religion, nationality, race and age. Seeing someone in a video makes remaining impartial more difficult. If you feel discrimination entered into a decision not to hire you, consider finding out what the law says you can do about it.