Racial discrimination isn’t always overt
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Racial discrimination isn’t always overt

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2021 | Discrimination

Discrimination of any sort in the workplace isn’t acceptable. For many people, discrimination comes because of something they don’t have any control over. This is the case when a person is facing racial discrimination because they can’t control their race. 

While some people think that all racial discrimination is overt, there are some forms that are very subtle. These can be just as damaging as overt discrimination. Any and all discrimination should be reported in the appropriate manner. 

Why is subtle discrimination an issue?

One challenge that comes with subtle discrimination is that the victim might question whether they are actually being discriminated against. This could lead to them being complacent about the behavior, at least in the beginning. It could also be difficult for others to see the discrimination as it occurs. 

Another challenge that comes with racial discrimination, including the subtle forms, is that it isn’t always done by co-workers. It can be done by anyone who comes into contact with the worker while they’re doing their job duties. 

Racial discrimination can include racist remarks, including someone asking to only work with someone of a certain race. While there’s a chance that the person who’s making the statements might not think anything about it, the workers shouldn’t have to deal with it. 

Anyone who feels as though they’ve been subjected to racial discrimination in the workplace should ensure they’re doing everything they can to protect their rights. This type of behavior shouldn’t be allowed to continue unchecked. Be sure that you act quickly since there are time limits for these cases built into California laws. Seeking assistance from someone who’s familiar with these laws can make it easier to decide on your next move.