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Can your current employer fire you for job searching in California?
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Can your current employer fire you for job searching in California?

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2021 | Wrongful Termination

It’s common practice to look for a job while you are still employed. After all, no one wants to jump into the uncertainties of unemployment with both feet. Besides that, lack of career growth or unfavorable conditions at your workplace may lead you to look for other job opportunities while holding on to your current job.

Most likely, your employer will not be pleased should they find out since it may show a lack of interest in your current job. It could also mean disloyalty to your current employer. However, would they go so far as to fire you? Read on to find what the law in California says.

California is an at-will employment state

Generally, this means that your employment can be terminated at will in California. Unless you had an agreement to the contrary, a notice of termination is not required from your employer. It means that you could end up being fired for seeking other job opportunities.

Was your termination unlawful?

If you were not actively looking for alternative employment and the grounds for your termination were unlawful, you may have legal recourse. According to California labor laws, unlawful termination may be based on retaliation, harassment or discrimination of any kind. You can sue for wrongful termination and the violation of your rights.

Stay ahead of the situation

Being aware of the legal landscape surrounding labor laws in California will put you in a better spot in case of any issues with your employer. For instance, a wage dispute may arise upon your termination, and you may end up with less than you deserved. In addition, the time you have before taking action is also limited.

Safeguard your rights and ensure you get justice if you were wrongfully terminated.

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