Some 2020 workplace discrimination findings
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Some 2020 workplace discrimination findings

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2021 | Uncategorized

Workplace discrimination is not new. However, the past year, one in four Black and Hispanics reported that they were the recipients of discrimination. Residents of Los Angeles and other parts of California might want to read what the results of a survey showed. The survey had 80,000 participants.

According to a poll reported by Forbes, within the past year, the report showed that 24 percent of both Black and Hispanic respondents reported discrimination, a figure higher than respondents who were white, at 15 percent. The younger respondents that were less than 40 years of age reported discrimination at a rate that was almost twice that of older respondents.

Belief that race is a factor

Three out of every four of the black respondents believed that their discrimination was a result of their race. On the other hand, race was reported as a factor by Hispanics at 61 percent, and 43 percent of white employees believed race was a factor in discrimination.


The focus of attention is often on racial injustice. This applies across America, including within offices, retail and manufacturing. Workplace discrimination is not new, but 2020 shined a spotlight on its presence

One group should not get preferential treatment over another group and this is especially important in the workplace, where employees need to contribute and be productive without this type of distraction. Workplace discrimination is illegal, and if you have been a victim, you should know that you have rights. If you feel that you have been the subject of discrimination in your workplace, whether racial or other type, it may be in your interests to consult an attorney who has experience in employment law matters.