How to handle wrongful terminations
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How to handle wrongful terminations

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2020 | Uncategorized

In the course of everyday living, people get dismissed from work. There are different reasons as to why an employer can decide to fire their employees. In California, for example, work is at will. This gives the employer the authority to determine who should be hired or dismissed at any condition and time. Also, the employee is bestowed with the power to quit working for an employer when they feel the urge to. However, some laws govern the employment rights to ensure that no one is violated, especially the employees.

Having various reasons as to why an employer might dismiss their employees, they might also fire their employees due to dubious reasons. This is known as wrongful termination, and it is unacceptable under the law and can be punished when an employee pursues their employer in a lawsuit. Wrongful termination can be done in different ways, including discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and breach of contract.

When an employee feels that they have been fired through wrongful termination, they ought to seek legal advice from an experienced attorney in matters to do with employment law. First, they will need to assess their claim’s validity to ensure it has a strong base. This is attained through the advice of an experienced attorney. However, as it is hard to prove evidence of wrongful termination, the victims must consider verbal and written communication from their employers.

Attorneys with an unparalleled record can help their clients to pursue their employer in court. Even though there is employment at will, wrongful termination is against the employees’ rights. Therefore, an experienced attorney can help an individual to follow up on their rights and seek compensation that arises from wrongful termination through the complex court process.