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Get help if you're not being paid correctly at work

There is never any reason that an employer shouldn't understand how to pay their employees appropriately. There are state laws in place, federal laws to abide by and even specialty attorneys and accountants who can help guarantee that they're paying in accordance with the law.

Is timesheet rounding actually legal?

It's a pretty basic concept: If you go to work and spend time doing your job, you should be paid for that time. The idea that you would not be paid for the effort that you've put in on the job is laughable, which is why you were so surprised when you received a paycheck that was short of several hours' wages.

New law could change the gig economy

The California Senate may be ruling on a new gig economy law in the coming weeks, according to a Sept. 9 report. The law, Assembly Bill 5, would reclassify many "gig" workers, also called independent contractors, as normal W-2 employees. If that happens, companies could be forced to pay out health benefits, overtime pay and workers' compensation among other benefits.

Don't let your employer pay you incorrectly: Speak out

Recognizing when you're being shorted on your paychecks might not be simple, but it's something you should make sure you're checking every time you receive one. Whether it's a missing hour of pay or overtime that hasn't been paid, you shouldn't allow someone to take advantage of your time.

Wage and hour violations occur in many different ways

Have you ever felt like you need to become an employment law expert to determine if you are receiving fair treatment at work? We understand this mindset because we have seen so many blatant wage and hour violations in the state of California. To make matters worse, there is a large volume of laws governing the proper treatment of employees.

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