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How do you approach a situation involving discrimination?

No one wants to feel as if they're less than someone else simply because of their religion, gender or skin color. No one wants to think that their disability is impacting the way people view them or making it so they're not even considered for jobs.

U.S. Women's National Team argues for equal pay

National news was made when the United States Women's National team filed a lawsuit accusing the United States Soccer Federation of violations of equal pay alongside gender discrimination. The USWNT claims that the USSF hasn't provided adequate payments for the accomplishments of the team and has neglected its team in favor of the men's soccer team.

Gender discrimination in the workplace is still a problem

It is hard to believe that gender or sex discrimination still happens in the 21st century. However, if you pay attention to headlines or news reports, you know that it remains a problem in the United States. Now, it is not just about favoring a male worker over a female worker (or vice versa). It is about workplace mistreatment of gay and transgender workers as well.

Stand up to illegal workplace discrimination in California

Here in California, we would like to believe that people succeed or not succeed based only on their own merits. Unfair and illegal discrimination should have no place. Unfortunately, this is far from the reality faced by many workers. As recent and not-so-recent headlines have shown, unfair discrimination happens all the time. One would think that large corporations should be immune from this because they can afford to monitor employee conduct. But as we recently discussed, there have been allegations that a high-profile California auto manufacturer has not been doing this.

What kinds of workplace discrimination are prohibited?

California state law protects employees from many forms of discrimination in the workplace. Despite this, many people find themselves dealing with discrimination while they are at work. This blog post will provide a brief summary of what is prohibited at work under the laws of California. For more specific information, an attorney should be consulted.


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