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Los Angeles Retaliation Lawyer

It is illegal for employers to retaliate against employees when those employees engage in certain protected activities — like when they resist discrimination or harassment, or when they report their employers’ illegal actions (this is often referred to as “whistleblowing”).

At Toni Jaramilla, A Professional Law Corporation, we fight for employees who have been retaliated against by their employers. If you have experienced workplace retaliation, we urge you to contact us as soon as possible for a free and confidential consultation about your rights.

It can be confusing to know what your rights are. Federal and California state employment laws are complex, and they are always changing. As experienced Los Angeles whistleblower attorneys, we know the law on employer retaliation. If you believe that your employer is acting illegally and you don’t know what to do, talk with us first. We can help you understand what actions to take.

There are many ways that employers retaliate against employees:

  • Discharging/terminating/firing them
  • Demoting them to a lesser position
  • Cutting back their shifts, giving them fewer hours at work
  • Giving them only undesirable work or shifts
  • Making harassing, derogatory or otherwise negative statements about them
  • Threatening them

We handle whistleblower claims and qui tam actions involving reported wrongdoing by California employers. If you have been disciplined or fired for reporting an illegal condition, sexual harassment, discrimination or safety violation, you may have a claim for retaliatory discharge based on your actions as a whistleblower. If you believe that your employer is filing fraudulent claims for payment from the U.S. government, you may be able to take action as well by filing a qui tam claim. Our lawyers can handle qui tam claims brought by workers, including pharmacy employees and health care providers whose employers have filed for reimbursement under Medicare or Medicaid programs.

Contact A Los Angeles Retaliation Attorney

If your employer has retaliated against you, take action. Contact an attorney or the legal staff at Toni Jaramilla, A Professional Law Corporation. We are available at 310-551-3020 or you can contact us online.