How damaging is workplace discrimination to your health?
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How damaging is workplace discrimination to your health?

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2022 | Discrimination

Workplace discrimination is an unfortunate reality for many minority groups and is usually based on a myriad of things such as race, religion, sexual orientation and gender. 

With Americans spending a large portion of their time at work, it’s essential that employers invest in healthy work environments. A toxic workplace not only has a negative impact on your career but also on your well-being

Mental health

Consider a situation at work where your ideas are consistently dismissed. Alternatively, imagine a situation where others talk over you merely because there’s the perception that you have no insight to offer. This type of discrimination would undoubtedly cause undue frustration and may result in stress and job dissatisfaction. In cases where it’s not as subtle as that, it may even lead to you being concerned for your safety.

Continuous exposure to hostility in the workplace has been found to cause depression and anxiety disorders because people feel unheard and undervalued. It comes as no surprise that people who have faced workplace aggression are often unable to perform to the best of their ability.

Physical health

It’s a well-documented fact that when mental health issues persist, they often manifest in physical ailments. Stress has been known to have very real physical consequences on the body, such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and obesity. This is because your mental state affects your behavior and, therefore, your lifestyle.

Other ailments may include aches and pains that can’t seem to be explained. You may even have trouble falling asleep, and as a result, you wake up tired. This hinders your ability to focus and affects your performance. Some people also experience cold sweats and/or hot flashes due to anxiety. 

Your experience at the workplace affects your life in general. It’s important that you don’t take discrimination lightly and that you take the necessary steps to put an end to it. Otherwise, you will have long-term mental and physical effects to contend with.