Law firm faces workplace discrimination complaint
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Law firm faces workplace discrimination complaint

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2020 | Uncategorized

A former legal assistant who worked for more than 30 years at the law firm Kirkland & Ellis found it necessary to file a discrimination lawsuit against the company. The former employee underwent brain surgery in 2019 and was relieved of her duties shortly afterward. Legal experts in California are paying close attention to the matter.

The lawsuit filed against the firm alleges discrimination on the grounds of age and disability. The plaintiff claims that all employees terminated as part of what the firm characterized as a “workforce reduction” effort were over the age of 55. The former employee also points out that all recent performance evaluations she received were well above average.

The legal assistant says she endured a “sham” process that made it necessary for her to reapply for her job position following her surgery. She says the process took months to complete and included:

• An online application
• A timed database application examination
• An analytics course also completed online

The plaintiff says that after completing all the requirements as instructed, she learned she would not receive the position. The lawsuit alleges that the firm was advertising for new employees on its website at the same time the plaintiff and other older employees were losing their jobs.

The plaintiff explains she was reluctant to file a lawsuit against the company for whom she worked for three decades of her life. She says the complaint is needed to restore her pride and show that she did not do anything that warranted losing her job.

It is not difficult for employees who face workplace discrimination to conclude there is nothing they can do to fix the problems they face. However, individuals who are not treated fairly in the workplace may be able to find the relief they need by speaking with an employment law attorney.