Women suing Harvey Weinstein accept settlement
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Women suing Harvey Weinstein accept settlement

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2020 | Firm News

Media sources in California report that the nine-woman group that filed a lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein for sexual harassment and abuse have agreed to settle the case for $19 million. The settlement is expected to be used to create a fund for the benefit of women who suffered at the hands of the convicted rapist.

The sexual harassment lawsuit was filed in 2017 and will still need to be approved by a federal district court in the city of New York. The suit also points a finger at directors and officers of The Weinstein Company who are said to have done nothing to stop the abusive behavior.

Letitia James, the New York Attorney General, says the settlement will put to rest a lawsuit her office filed in 2018 that named Weinstein, as well as his brother Robert, as the people responsible for the hostile work environment at The Weinstein Company.

One of the nine women involved with the suit thanked James for her efforts and discussed the grueling court battle endured by the group of women. The woman also said she is happy that Weinstein is now facing consequences for his actions after years of getting away with poor conduct.

Not everyone is happy with the settlement, however. Lawyers for another group of women suing Weinstein says accepting the settlement amounts to a sellout for the nine-woman group. One of the disappointed attorneys explains his feelings are due to the fact none of the people who aided Weinstein in his negative behavior will be held accountable.

Victims of sexual harassment at work are often left alone and without any guidance to help them deal with the consequences of the improper actions taken against them. Individuals who have experienced sexual harassment while at work may benefit from discussing their options with an attorney who practices employment law.