Sexual harassment allegations lead to McDonald’s lawsuit
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Sexual harassment allegations lead to McDonald’s lawsuit

On Behalf of | May 28, 2020 | Firm News

Although sexual harassment has been treated more seriously in California and across the United States since the #MeToo movement, people are still vulnerable to this type of employment violation. Even when they complain about it, they frequently find themselves stonewalled by their employer. The situation may get worse. Fast-food workers are especially vulnerable. Two women complained about sexual harassment at McDonald’s, and when nothing was done, they filed a lawsuit.

The women were employed at a McDonald’s restaurant in Florida. Their case is a class action lawsuit representing women across the state who were sexually harassed at corporate-owned locations. The case was filed in Chicago, and they are asking for $500 million. According to the women, the company ignored the sexual harassment and allowed it to continue unabated. They say they were groped, assaulted and subjected to sexual comments.

One woman still works for McDonald’s. The other says she was dismissed for her complaints. The woman who was fired worked for the restaurant from 2015 to 2018. She reported a colleague who was touching her inappropriately and repeatedly made sexual comments. The other woman was working at the same location, and her harassment started in 2018. Management was told what was happening but did nothing to stop it. The company is being sued because the restaurants in question are corporate-owned. Harassment at franchised restaurants is the responsibility of the franchisee, not the corporation.

Sexual harassment on the job can not only impact someone’s career and future, but it can take an emotional toll. People may feel embarrassed and fearful that they will lose their jobs if they complain, so they take the abuse and stay silent. Whether an individual was shown offensive material, endured unwanted attention, was touched without consent or faced repercussions due to resisting advances, there is recourse. People in corporate positions, retail jobs or the service industry are all at risk. Discussing the case with a law firm experienced in helping people who have been confronted with sexual harassment may be beneficial when filing a claim.