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Woman speaks out after sexual harassment complaints go unanswered

It's horrible to think that anyone would put up with sexual harassment. It's even worse to think that they would report it and not be listened to.

One woman has said that she dealt with harassment nearly daily for over three years as she worked to deliver goods to Tokyo Central. There, she claims that the Tokyo Central receiving clerk regularly subjected her to sexual advances. When she refused him, she claims that he bullied her.

She was later fired by her employer but continued to push back. Even then, she found that there are limits when it comes to the protections sexual harassment victims have offered to them.

The 40-year-old woman filed a formal grievance with Marukai Corp., which is the parent company of the Tokyo Central chain. She claims that no response ever came. The company responded to the news that it was investigating and would take remedial action if it needed to, though the accused employee no longer works there.

What's worse about the story is that the woman received a notice that she was no longer able to deliver to Tokyo Market after the owner of Chikara Mochi, who she worked for, received a complaint about a yelp review she'd made complaining about sexual harassment. It's important to note that employers could be breaking the law if they fire an employee after learning about complaints of sexual harassment.

She reported bullying, intimidating tactics and worse from the accused harasser, yet nothing was done. It's a horrible situation, but it's one to learn from.

If you are harassed, you need to keep records and make sure you speak with your attorney as soon as you can. It can be difficult to hold people accountable, but the law does hold employers responsible for providing fair and safe work environments.

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