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March 2020 Archives

Coach claims discrimination after being fired from team

Discrimination is a problem that you can see all over the United States, but it recently drew attention when the Los Angeles Sparks were accused of sexual discrimination. According to the news, the Los Angeles Sparks' former general manager has taken steps to sue the Women's National Basketball Association team.

Reporting harassment is important: Don't be afraid to act

You want to make a complaint about a coworker who has been sexually harassing you, but you're scared. If you make a complaint, will they know that it was you who did it? Will you be retaliated against? Are you going to have to stand up for yourself or be forced to "work it out" with the coworker and human resources department?

Your company could be spying on you online: Here's how

Here's an interesting fact that you may not have known: Employers have a right to monitor your work, even when you don't expect it. Some people call this spying, and they don't think it's fair. However, more employers are turning to techniques that allow them to track their employees' time online as well as the sites they visit so that they can identify if they are spending time doing things other than working.

Don't ignore the discrimination that you've faced at work

Discrimination is never allowed in the workplace, and it's something that you can stand up against in yours. According to the Department of Fair Employment and Housing, the law protects people like yourself from illegal discrimination and harassment. This could include discrimination based on any number of factors such as your actual or perceived:

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