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If you see errors on your paycheck, speak up immediately

If you look at your paycheck and see a problem, do you know what to do? Many people know that they need to bring it up, but some will wait for the next check to see if the issue is fixed. If it's not, they might then remember to bring up the problem with their previous check, but sometimes people forget.

If you have a problem with your paycheck, no matter what it is, it's important to let your employer know immediately. They should be happy to look into the issue and let you know what happened. For example, if you're manually clocked in because you don't yet have a code or card to clock in yourself, your manager may need to code your hours by position. If even one number is off, your paycheck could be incorrect. Drawing attention to small errors like this helps get them corrected in a timely fashion.

Other times, you may have issues that are related to unusual changes in your hours. For instance, you wrote down the times you clocked in and out and have 43 hours for one week. However, when you were paid, you saw only 40 hours were posted. Why? Your manager said that your overtime hadn't been approved. Despite that, the law does say that you have to be paid overtime. If your employer doesn't pay and isn't exempt from paying overtime for some reason, then you may have a claim.

Our website has more on overtime laws and what to do if your paycheck isn't what you expected. Payment issues are a big problem for workers, but with help, they can be corrected.

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