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February 2020 Archives

If you see errors on your paycheck, speak up immediately

If you look at your paycheck and see a problem, do you know what to do? Many people know that they need to bring it up, but some will wait for the next check to see if the issue is fixed. If it's not, they might then remember to bring up the problem with their previous check, but sometimes people forget.

Is my case a case of a wrongful termination?

It's hard to lose a job, but it's even worse when you feel that you were let go unfairly. Sometimes, it's not actually legal to terminate an employee, and you may be entitled to compensation if that's true in your case. If you're a victim of a wrongful termination, you deserve the opportunity to seek compensation for the trouble you've been put through as a result of your employer's decisions.

Fear of the coronavirus leads to discrimination against Asians

Discrimination can happen for many reasons. Some people discriminate because they think that one culture is dirtier than another, for example. Another might discriminate because they have been taught that one race is smarter than the other.

What is "quid pro quo" workplace sexual harassment?

Many people find the federal standards on sexual harassment in the workplace to be confusing, but they don't have to be. According to documentation provided by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, sexual harassment involves either the creation of a hostile work environment or what is called quid pro quo harassment.

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