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Stand up for your rights if you're wrongfully terminated

A wrongful termination can cause your life to spiral out of control. One moment, you have a solid income. The next, you're struggling to get by.

A wrongful termination is hurtful in more ways than one. It is financially painful, but it also causes great emotional distress over the cause of the firing. Unfortunately, the number of small businesses being accused of this kind of action is increasing. A Dec. 16 report indicates that employment-related claims are rising against small businesses.

One such industry seeing an increase in employment-related lawsuits is the dental industry. According to The Dentists Insurance Company, they received 66 employment-related claims in 2017 and 82 in 2018. The growth is from a few different factors, some of which includes better federal and state legislation to protect workers and changes in how the law views wrongful termination.

In 2017, the Hiscox report indicated that an average employment-related claim took around 318 days to be resolved in the dental industry. A settlement, when made, generally averaged $160,000.

What should you do if you believe that you've been wrongfully terminated?

If you believe that you've been fired unfairly or are a victim of wrongful termination, then you should look into pursuing a claim against your employer. You can sit down with all your documentation supporting your claim and discuss what happened with your attorney. Your attorney can give you more information about the likelihood of your case settling and what to expect if you have to go to court. You'll want to get all the information you can before moving forward with your case.

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