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Employment discrimination must never occur

Employees should be free to do their job duties without having to worry about being discriminated against. In an effort to protect these workers, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission works to ensure that laws forbidding discrimination are followed. There are several categories that are protected under the law.

It is imperative that all employers know exactly what facets of a person's life can't be scrutinized at work. This can help them to write out employment policies that protect the employees and minimize the chance that the company will face litigation due to discrimination.

Categories of protection

The categories of protection can never be considered when the employer or its agents are determining how to handle employment matters. Employees who are qualified under any of these can't be treated differently just because of the status. It is always to best for employers to avoid discrimination in all forms just in case something is protected and they don't realize it.

  • National origin: This refers to the area of the world where the worker appears to be from, even if they aren't actually from there.
  • Disability: This form of discrimination stems from the employer's unwillingness to accept a differently abled person.
  • Age: Age discrimination is only a valid point for individuals who are 40 years old and older. Younger workers can't make a claim of this.
  • Race or color: It is illegal to discriminate against someone because of their skin color or characteristics.
  • Religion: A person's religious beliefs and their need to practice them can't be used against them in employment.
  • Genetic information: Genetic information, including that related to medical conditions, can't be used as a condition of employment or for employment decisions.
  • Gender or sex: Discrimination based on a person's gender or sexual preference is illegal.
  • Pregnancy: Employers can't use a woman's pregnancy to make decisions related to employment, including whether to hire, promote or terminate her.
  • Breastfeeding: New mothers can't face discrimination because she needs to take time to pump breastmilk for her baby. Employers must provide a safe, clean, private location for her to do this.

Employees who do suffer from discrimination might choose to take action. These cases will go before the EEOC for investigation and to determine whether further action is necessary. Because of the complexities of these cases, you should work with someone familiar with this area of employment law if you need to address a discriminatory issue.

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