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You can protect yourself after a wrongful termination

A wrongful termination can be damaging in several ways. It can cause financial stress, hurt feelings and harm to the reputation of an individual. A wrongful termination might occur because of discrimination or for other illegal reasons.

When you're fired from a job, you might think you're unable to do anything since most employment is considered "at-will." Under at-will presumptions, employers are allowed to terminate any employee at any time. However, there are classes of people who are protected, and there are certain types of firings that are not allowed.

What should you consider when you're fired?

You need to think about any contract you have, first. Does it include a specific term of employment? If you have a contract that states of length of your employment, then you're not able to be fired at-will.

You should also think about why you were fired. Did you do something wrong? Did you report sexual harassment or some other type of illegal or improper activity on the part of individual employees or the company as a whole? Do you believe that this might be some kind of retaliation? If so, then it's time to reach out to your attorney for help resolving the situation, since employers are not allowed to retaliate against employees who report illegal acts or who "blow the whistle" on their employers.

If you were fired, don't think that there are no options available to you. Our website has more on wrongful termination and what you can expect if you believe you've been terminated for discriminatory reasons or other illegal factors.

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