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Get help to stop sexual harassment in the workplace

Nothing is more damaging to a person in a work environment than feeling as if they don't matter or are constantly threatened as a result of their gender and what they look like. While there are many attractive people in the world, no one should have to suffer from sexual harassment simply for being handsome or beautiful. It's not fair to expect people to respond kindly to sexist remarks or commentary on their looks.

Sexual harassment is a major problem in some workplaces, and people may be worried about speaking out. The thing to remember is that it is illegal to retaliate against someone who reports sexual harassment in the workplace. If you report it and your employer fires you, demotes you or otherwise threatens your position, you can file a claim against them for doing so.

What are some common examples of sexual harassment?

Typically, sexual harassment isn't a single, one-off comment. Instead, it's repeated behaviors such as:

  • Slapping or touching another person in a sexually suggestive way
  • Sending sexual commentary by email or other digital device
  • Suggesting sleeping with or having intimate relations with the person who is not interested
  • Asking for or requesting sexual relations as a requirement for a job promotion, raise or other benefits

As outlandish as some of this may seem, it does happen. Both men and women suffer from sexual harassment in the workplace, even though it is illegal thanks to federal law. If you're sexually harassed at work, don't be afraid to speak up. You deserve to be treated with more respect.

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