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Workers can turn to us if they are not getting full payment

It is unfortunate that many employers in the Los Angeles area and throughout California take all kinds of steps to avoid having to pay overtime wages as required under the law.

Employers will rarely come out and tell a worker that the employer is not going to pay a worker the overtime to which he or she is entitled. However, they may try a number of tricks to disguise their behavior instead.

There are many tactics through which an employer may unlawfully try to avoid the payment of overtime wages. In more flagrant cases, an employer may require an employee to perform work over breaks or during a meal period.

In other cases, an employer may even pressure an employee to give time to work that is off the clock. Aside from outright asking a worker to punch out before he or she is in fact able to finish up and leave, an employer may refuse to pay when an employee has to work remotely or do other work from home.

In still other cases, an employer may mis-classify its workers by calling them exempt, that is salaried employees who do not get the benefits of overtime laws. In fact, employers may only use the exempt status in specified circumstances. On a related point, an employer may call a worker an independent contractor when in fact they are an employee.

The end result of any of these tactics is that a California employee misses out on income to which or she is entitled. The loss of income in many cases means the loss of other important opportunities for a worker and his or her family.

Our law office has experience with standing up to employers who do not pay their employees the wages to which they are entitled and is available to assist workers facing these sorts of difficult situations.

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