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California is behind on tracking sexual harassment

When it came to states that rebounded on new employment policies during the #MeToo movement, few could compare to California. Over the last few years, the Golden State has implemented several new laws in response to the public outrage that aims to help employees that face some form of discrimination or harassment from their employers.

A large reason on why California has been putting so much effort into creating these new regulations is to make up for past mistakes. Many often cite famous actors and their repulsive producers and co-workers when discussing the beginning of the #MeToo movement. Many of the stories these celebrities described occurred in California. Many people believe that California should have seen something like this coming earlier, but what they don't know is how difficult state officials made it for themselves to do so.

Crucial years lost

A major reason why harassment prevention methods weren't coming into place years ago is because California officials didn't know how much of a problem it was. It turns out the state eliminated the system for tracking employee harassment and discrimination complaints back in 2012 when the governor was overhauling the HR department. In the following years, the government made little effort on decreasing work discrimination because they weren't aware of any possible trends developing at the time.

They finally became aware of the tracking system's absence in late 2017 once the #MeToo movement was gaining steam. No one appeared to know why the system was eliminated in the first place and scrambled during the next few years not only to come up with new laws to protect workers, but to establish tracking methods that should have already been in place.

Better late than never?

When Governor Jerry Brown was in office, he proposed a $1.5 million project that focuses on tracking harassment and discrimination throughout the state. While he wanted the system up by December 2018, it is currently scheduled to launch in January 2020. This system will not take any complaints that occur before the current start date.

While it's unknown how much the new system will impact work discrimination as a whole, state officials have recognized that eliminating it nearly a decade ago was a massive mistake. Hopefully it will help California government officials and employers find out about developing trends in negative workplace behavior that they need to stop immediately. In the meantime, don't be afraid to contact a local employment law attorney to help you with any work issues they can't accept into their system yet.

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