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California judges bring case for illegal age discrimination

It's not often you hear about judges fighting against the state, but in a case in California, that's exactly what's happening. A lawsuit filed by retired judges in California alleges that the state discriminated against them based on their ages.

Three judges are accusing the chief justice and Judicial Council of California (JCC) of age discrimination, because new rules dictated and limited how long judges could work in temporary assignments. The program, called the Assigned Judges Program, costs around $27 million each year. It allows trial courts to ask retired judges to fill in for other judge's absences. However, a new rule bans retired judges from working more than 1,320 days in total.

The judges who filed a lawsuit against the chief justice and JCC stated that the changes to limit workdays discriminates against older and more experienced judges. Limiting the number of days they work is illegal age discrimination, they claim, because it isn't based on their occupational qualifications.

Perhaps more importantly is that the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing did approve the right to bring a civil lawsuit against the JCC. The case is not yet resolved, but it could result in the limits on older judges being removed so that they no longer face unfair limits on their time in court.

As you can tell, there is no one who is specifically safe from discrimination, and discrimination can hide behind so-called good intentions. If you feel that you are being discriminated against based on your age, it's important to reach out to your attorney to discuss your case.

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