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June 2019 Archives

Employee files retaliation suit against major beverage company

A former employee, a vice president, says National Beverage Corp., the maker of LaCroix sparkling water, fired him after he suggested that his employer was planning to misrepresent how it manufactured its aluminum cans.

Discrimination at work? Don't stand for it

Discrimination is the one thing that can catch anyone off-guard at work. Whether you're Asian, White, Black, Hispanic or another minority, discrimination can affect you. You might be discriminated against for being female, male or for your gender preferences. Essentially, all people have the potential to be discriminated against.

Yes, men can be victims of sexual harassment

Although women are often the ones who others describe as being harassed on the job, anyone can be exposed to sexual harassment. Men often face harassment, too. In 2013, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) reported that 17.6% of sexual harassment charges were filed by men.

California Act protects natural hair against discrimination

One thing that has been a problem in some workplaces is a kind of discrimination against hair. When it comes down to it, the hair isn't the problem. The problem is that some employers are racist, asking people of other races to change their hair from a natural form to something that they believe is more appropriate (with no justification for believing this).

Even in the wake of recent case, victims must follow the steps

As this blog has mentioned before, California victims of employment discrimination may and even must follow all the proper legal steps when pursuing their claims. If they fail to do so, then they may find that they can no longer pursue their discrimination claims on legal grounds, even if the claims had merit.

Summer workers should review overtime laws

Summer is arguably one of the busiest times of the year for thousands of businesses. The warmer weather is convincing more people to go outside and travel, school’s out for teenagers and college students and many people are starting a temporary or full-time job around this time.

Sick and vacation time can raise issues with unpaid wages

California employers do not have to offer vacation time, or, for that matter, flexible paid time off, to their employees at all. However, if they do choose to offer vacation time, then the benefit must comply with California's laws.

Independent contractor classification and unpaid wages

Companies in Los Angeles have to rely from to time on others to perform tasks like cleaning the restrooms or fixing a leaky faucet. Likewise, businesses may bring in consultants or other specialists to handle a particular specialized task, like installing better information technology.

Sweetgreen aims to change restaurant industry with paid leave

No matter who you work for, you want to know that your employer realizes that your family and health come first. In most cases, employers feel the same way you do, wanting to make sure you're healthy and that your family is well.

California judges bring case for illegal age discrimination

It's not often you hear about judges fighting against the state, but in a case in California, that's exactly what's happening. A lawsuit filed by retired judges in California alleges that the state discriminated against them based on their ages.

California law requires paid breaks

In addition to federal laws, our state has its own set of laws and regulations that require employers in Los Angeles and throughout this state to afford periodic breaks to their employees. Here, employers must allow hourly employees a break for every four hours worked. The break requirement also applies to every major fraction of four hours worked, and state regulators have interpreted this to include any time worked over two hours. However, an employee must work at least 3.5 hours on a given day in order to be entitled to a break.

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