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What happens when you file a sexual harassment claim?

It’s frustrating that employers can’t always resolve sexual harassment claims in the workplace. This prolongs an already uncomfortable and difficult situation. This is when you may think about taking this above your employer and report your harassment directly to the state of California.

Don’t let the thought of escalating your case intimidate you into think it won’t be worth it or that the process is too complicated. If you have internet access, you can complete the process without leaving your couch.

How to file your sexual harassment claim

The first step is to file your intake form with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (CDFEH) or the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). You don’t have to worry about filing your claim with both agencies as they share claim records with each other.

Either the CDFEH or EEOC will notify your employer of the claim within 10 days. What happens next depends on the case. Sometimes an agency recommends mediation to facilitate a resolution between you and your employer.

Other times an EEOC investigation will gather an official statement from your employer on your claim. The EEOC will email their response to you for review. The EEOC or CDFEH may also visit your workplace to conduct interviews with witnesses and gather relevant documents. Your employer may receive a subpoena if they do not respond to a request for records, testimony or access to your workplace.

The EEOC’s website says that it usually takes 10 months to complete an investigation but cases with successful mediate are resolvable in as few as three months.

You dont have to settle for an uncomfortable work environment

There are times that your company’s HR department can’t resolve your sexual harassment claim. Fortunately, multiple government groups are there for you to step in when sexual harassment problems remain unresolved. With the click of the mouse or tap of your thumb, your claim can move one step closer to resolution.

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