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Former director facing trouble after allegations of nepotism

In an interesting report out of California, it's been noted that the California Department of Industrial Relations in Oakland's former head has been accused of gross misconduct including falsifying documents, referring to employees by racial background, age-related characteristic or ethnicity. In some cases, she's accused of attempting to find out who certain whistle blowers were in order to retaliate against them. The report didn't name the director or department, but the former director has been facing news coverage as a result of the investigation.

In the 39-page report, it was alleged that the former director favored her daughter, giving her positions that she did not qualify and protecting her against other questioning staff members. For example, her daughter had complained about a supervisor, and that supervisor then resigned only a few days later. This is a possible case of wrongful termination.

At least one former department employee is suing for wrongful termination in relation to this investigation. The worker claims that they were fired for cooperating with the investigation into nepotism. Interestingly, after interviewing dozens, it was said that around 20 of 40 of 50 were outwardly concerned about retaliation for what they'd say in their interviews.

Wrongful termination cases are sometimes hard to prove, but when nepotism and other issues run deep in a company or organization, a detailed investigation can help provide the support your case needs. Don't be fearful of retaliation; Speak up and fight for your right to work in a fair, unbiased workplace where you're respected and treated well by the staff and your employer.

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