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U.S. Women's National Team argues for equal pay

National news was made when the United States Women's National team filed a lawsuit accusing the United States Soccer Federation of violations of equal pay alongside gender discrimination. The USWNT claims that the USSF hasn't provided adequate payments for the accomplishments of the team and has neglected its team in favor of the men's soccer team.

In women's sports, equal pay has long been an issue, especially for the USWNT. The USWNT has argued that their team has actually been more successful than the male counterpart in recent years, which further displays the discrepancy in pay.

Players on the USWNT receive approximately $3,600 each game. They have a potential bonus of $1,350 if they win the game. The men's team, on the other hand, earns around $5,000 per player per game with potential bonuses of over $8,000 if the team wins.

Is it discrimination or popularity?

There are claims that its popularity that makes the men's team worth more, but the distinct difference between per-game payments does raise some questions. Additionally, the fact that the women's team has been more successful is another issue that draws attention. The USWNT has four Olympic gold medals and three Women's World Cup titles. It also holds the top spot in the FIFA Women's World Rankings.

Discrimination, as you can see, can take place in many work environments, even in athletics. If you're struggling with discrimination on the job, it's your right and responsibility to speak up. Doing so can help draw attention to discrimination and get you the fair treatment you deserve from your employer.

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