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LGBT discrimination laws in the California workplace

Our state takes lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual (LGBT) rights very seriously, including within the workplace. LGBT discrimination laws are in place which coincide with federal discrimination laws, and can be prosecuted as such. These are known as the Fair Employment and Housing Act.

The act bars discrimination in multiple business arenas including advertising, compensation, hiring, firing, employee promotions, applications and interviews, work environments and conditions and participation in employee groups, organization or unions. Though it does not happen nearly as often as LGBT discrimination, it should be noted that these discriminations can, and have, also occurred with heterosexual employees. Regardless of sexual orientation, the consequences for these discriminatory actions are the same.

Examples of LGBT discrimination in a workplace include refusal to hire; refusal to promote or extend raises, benefits, or bonuses; denying access to proper training and education for job performance; harassment or retaliation of any kind, for any reason; or engaging in any type of conduct which creates a hostile work environment.

If you are being harassed or discriminated against, you may very likely have legal recourse. An experienced employment law attorney can help determine if discrimination has occurred, and how you can best go about proving your case. The most important thing anyone who is being discriminated against can do is to keep detailed documentation of every occurrence, including dates, times, and any physical evidence. You may be entitled to back pay, expenses, damages for emotional distress or trauma, reimbursed attorney's fees, punitive damages, or reasonable accommodations among other awards.

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