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Customer discrimination creates hostile work environments

Most California work discrimination cases often involve workers getting mistreated by their employers for their gender, race, sexual orientation or age. However, this discouraging behavior may extend beyond the workers they hire and instead to the people they are trying to serve.

While a company’s services might not be for everyone in the area, employers and workers should not go out of their way to purposefully exclude certain people. Not only is it a poor business model, but it can also have a negative effect on workers who relate to the discriminated population. A recent issue involving a former worker at a solar energy company helps highlight these repugnant working conditions.

The name game

A company that sells solar equipment is currently facing two lawsuits for work discrimination. One is from the EEOC, and the other is from someone who previously worked there as a call center supervisor. According to the claim, the worker learned within her first week that the company had a practice of rejecting homeowners whose names hinted at Middle Eastern or Indian descent.

The worker took great offense to this as she was originally from Afghanistan. She quit after only three weeks at her job and filed a lawsuit claiming that the company was violating Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Her lawyers state that being forced to discriminate against her own people has taken a mental toll on her and hope to help her reclaim lost wages from her former employers.

Fighting back

It should go without saying that employers shouldn’t discriminate against customers of a certain race, much less force their workers to do it for them. Yet there are still several companies out there that refuse to provide service to customers based on their name alone. You don’t have to be the same race as the people your company is deliberately avoiding to feel disgusted by these standards.

If you or a loved one feel uncomfortable working for a company that discriminates against certain customers, consider contacting an employment law attorney to help you deal with the situation. No one should have to deal with this unfortunate situation alone.

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