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Off-the-clock work: 3 examples

Your pay depends on how many hours you put in. You get paid directly for each hour of work. If you have to do extra, you get paid time and a half. It's a fairly simple system.

Unfortunately, your boss tries to take advantage of you by asking you to do work without signing in. This way, you don't get overtime, and you don't get paid. While it sounds like you could just refuse, you know that you would get fired if you did.

Here are three examples of how it may happen:

  1. Telling you to wait for future work. For instance, maybe you work for four hours in the morning, but then they run out of work for you to do. They can't tell you that you have to stay at the office and wait -- while signed out -- so that you can sign back in and work later on.
  2. Telling you to do office work without pay on your free time. For example, maybe you're not allowed to answer emails while in the office, but you're expected to do it at home.
  3. Telling you to do jobs after work that your employer thinks you should have gotten done while you were signed in. For instance, maybe you still need to sweep the store after it closes for the day, but they make you sign out before you do it.

Essentially, if it feels like it is unfair, it probably is. Make sure you know your employee rights and what steps you can take to protect yourself, your job and the payment you deserve.

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