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Gender discrimination in the workplace is still a problem

It is hard to believe that gender or sex discrimination still happens in the 21st century. However, if you pay attention to headlines or news reports, you know that it remains a problem in the United States. Now, it is not just about favoring a male worker over a female worker (or vice versa). It is about workplace mistreatment of gay and transgender workers as well.

For example, if a female employee identifies as male, he might become the focus of harassment on the part of coworkers or even management. The trick in today's world is identifying gender discrimination. Until that happens, you cannot take action against the responsible parties. The first thing to understand is that most gender bias in the workplace occurs when employees of different genders do not receive equal treatment.

To help workers in California recognize whether they are suffering from gender discrimination, the section below contains several examples.

  • Paying different salary rates to men and women for the same position
  • Refusing to hire you based solely on your gender
  • Passing you up for a promotion in favor of another gender when you meet all of the necessary criteria
  • Paying different bonus amounts to each gender
  • Allowing sexual harassment to occur in the workplace

Why should you take a stand against gender discrimination?

First, if no one stands against discrimination it will keep happening over and over. Second, all American citizens have the right to gainful employment as well as fair treatment at work. When someone violates this and other employment rights, they need to be accountable for their actions.

In the end, it is not as much about seeking financial rewards for gender discrimination as it is about helping the nation provide all citizens with safe, discrimination-free work experiences. It is a good idea to consult with a legal representative if you are suffering from gender discrimination in your workplace.

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