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Larger companies can have more difficulty negating discrimination

You might believe that getting a job at a larger organization means that the amount of opportunities dramatically increases. You have the chance to make more friends, try out different tasks and rise to a higher position through hard work and perseverance. Working at a popular and financially profitable company also means you can have an easier time planning long term goals for yourself.

Unfortunately, having so many workers under one roof can be difficult for employers to manage. Everyone is so busy and in their own areas that are distinct from each other. One area may have collaborative workers who bear no ill will against each other, while another may feature a minority worker suffering from discriminatory behavior. This discourse is evident within the controversies surrounding one of America's largest automotive companies, Tesla, Inc.

A massive, difficult environment

Recently, The New York Times highlighted various accounts of racism experienced by former employees at Tesla's main vehicle manufacturing facility in Fremont. Within the last couple of years, many black employees claimed that other staff members repeatedly threw racial insults at them. Other stories feature racist graffiti around the bathrooms and production areas as well as employers refusing to give African-American workers promotional opportunities.

The article also features employees who never experienced racism firsthand and did not expect to hear so many dissatisfied black worker stories. Several of the workers describe the company as well as the plant they were working at as the "size of a small city." With the massive scope, the inconsistent reports about worker treatment did not surprise many. Though some of these workers were let go for reasons Tesla claims revolved around their work ethic, many believe that they were fired as retaliation for speaking up about their toxic workplace and are preparing to file lawsuits against their former employers.

Doing the right thing

This isn't the first year Tesla has faced multiple accusations for racial discrimination. Despite the company's claims that it opposes all forms of discrimination and harassment, many individual employees continue to feel unwelcome in their working facilities. Last year, CEO Elon Musk sent an email detailing proper employee treatment amidst several lawsuits. Though most of it does go on the offensive against discriminatory behavior, he does tell his workers that they should be "thick-skinned" when accepting the sincere apology of the worker who mistreated them. The statement received heavy criticism and some workers cited it in their lawsuits.

The recent stories about Tesla demonstrate how difficult it can be to ensure fair treatment for all workers at such a large facility or company. While joining a larger organization can open you to a world of opportunities, you also need to keep in mind that it can also potentially leave you open to getting hurt more easily. Discrimination and harassment of any kind is never in California workplaces, so it is important to have legal assistance ready in case your company does little to take care of the problem.

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