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December 2018 Archives

A brief overview of the law of overtime wages in California

When Los Angeles workers put hours in on the job, those workers expect to get paid for the hours. It's unfair for employers not to pay what they owe their employees, and it can cause hardship to the employees if they are putting time in but not being fairly compensated for it. Keep reading for a brief overview of the law of overtime wages in California.

What sexual harassment is and what remedies may be available

With the rise of the #MeToo movement, sexual harassment has been a major news story over the past year or so. Women and men have discussed their own personal experiences with sexual harassment, sometimes in gut-wrenching detail. The consensus is that sexual harassment is something no one should have to put up with. But, what exactly is sexual harassment? This blog post will describe sexual harassment in more detail.

Larger companies can have more difficulty negating discrimination

You might believe that getting a job at a larger organization means that the amount of opportunities dramatically increases. You have the chance to make more friends, try out different tasks and rise to a higher position through hard work and perseverance. Working at a popular and financially profitable company also means you can have an easier time planning long term goals for yourself.

What kinds of workplace discrimination are prohibited?

California state law protects employees from many forms of discrimination in the workplace. Despite this, many people find themselves dealing with discrimination while they are at work. This blog post will provide a brief summary of what is prohibited at work under the laws of California. For more specific information, an attorney should be consulted.

Increase in sexual harassment cases and recoveries in 2018

It was a little over a year ago that many people began sharing their sexual harassment stories in response to several high-profile individuals being accused of sexual harassment. People may be wondering whether this heightened profile has also resulted in more complaints to the government about illegal sexual harassment. Some figures recently released by the federal government show that this may indeed have happened.

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