Verdicts & Settlements

Sexual Orientation Discrimination and Harassment:

Failure to Promote Based on Race and National Origin:
$650,000 (inclusive of attorneys fees)

Failure to Accommodate a Disability and Retaliation:

Violation of the Equal Pay Act Based on Gender:

Race & Gender Discrimination:
*$1.7 Million

Sexual Harassment:
*$2 Million
*$1.2 Million

*$1.02 Million

Racial Harassment:

Age Discrimination:

Religion Discrimination:

Pregnancy Disability Discrimination

Failure to Promote based on Race:

Sexual Harassment & Failure to Prevent Harassment - (restaurant business)

Defamation and Internet Impersonation
$1.8 Million
$1.5 Million

Medical Condition (Cancer)

Disability and Disability Accommodation FMLA Violations

Wage and Hour Violations
*$250,000 (single plaintiff)
*$150,000 (single plaintiff)

*Each case is unique. The above are a few examples of results obtained by Ms. Jaramilla. They are in no way intended to be a guarantee of a certain result in your specific case.