Los Angeles Unpaid Overtime Lawyer

If you are working hours that you believe are too long, if you are not being paid enough, there is a good chance that your employer is violating the law. In California, employers routinely fail to pay overtime or to provide rest and meal breaks that are required by law.

At Toni Jaramilla, A Professional Law Corporation, we represent employees who have been victimized by the illegal actions of their employers. Many of our clients are people who have worked too much for too little money.

There are many ways that your employer may have taken advantage of you while violating federal and California state laws:

  • Asking you to clock out before finishing your shift
  • Asking you to work through breaks and meal times
  • Not compensating you for telecommuting or for work you take home with you
  • Classifying you as an "exempt" or salaried employee when you should be classified as "non-exempt" or hourly, meaning that your employer does not compensate you for overtime
  • Classifying you as an "independent contractor," to avoid paying you benefits
  • Asking you to turn over a portion of your tips
  • Failing to pay you entitled bonuses or commission

If you believe that your employer has done any of these things, your best recourse is to speak with the experienced employment lawyers at Toni Jaramilla, A Professional Law Corporation. We use years of experience to achieve the best possible results for employees. Our focus is on fighting for your rights as an employee so that you can reclaim your life and your livelihood.

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