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At Toni Jaramilla, A Professional Law Corporation, located in Los Angeles, our attorneys focus not only on issues such as discrimination and sexual harassment in the work place, but also on labor issues concerning wage and hour claims, unpaid overtime, work place safety, and many other California Labor Code violations. Contact us today to schedule a 1/2 hour initial consultation.

Unpaid Wages

When working in a service industry such as a restaurant, a home healthcare agency or a retail store and being paid an hourly wage, recording hours accurately and in a timely manner are crucial - you have monthly bills to pay, debt to pay off, or are saving for a car or home. Perhaps you take on overtime so that you can save a little extra each month. When you receive your bimonthly paycheck and find that you haven't been paid for the extra hours you've worked, you assume a mistake has been made. Concern turns to frustration when all attempts to receive payment for your hard work prove fruitless. You need a labor law attorney who can give you the leverage you need to the pay you deserve.


A promotion brings with it new responsibilities and opportunities. A common employer abuse is mis-classifying an employee's job title in order to avoid having to pay that employee overtime wages. For example, calling an employee a "manager" when his/her job duties are the same as an hourly-type position, does not excuse the employer from paying overtime wages. Also, simply because an employee is paid by a salary instead of an hourly rate, does not automatically mean the employee must work over 8 hours per day or over 40 hours per week without proper overtime compensation. Your job description is key to determining your rights. An employee's job duties must be evaluated by an experienced labor lawyer who can determine whether you were misclassified and actually owed significant overtime wages for the past (up to) four years. Four years of unpaid overtime wages, along with penalties and earned interest, can amount to a very significant monetary claim. If you believe you are entitled to overtime pay, regardless of your job title, contact our office today.

Other Labor Issues

Our firm handles many types of labor law issues, beyond the common unpaid overtime and minimum wage violations. We have handled uncommon and novel issues, such as an employee's right to political affiliation and freedom of speech.

The California Labor Codes also protect employees who complain about unfair wage payments and workplace safety or for filing a workers' compensation claim. Employers may not terminate or retaliate against an employee for other protected activities, such as appearing for jury duty, attending a hearing or meeting at their child's school or participating in their child's school activities (K-12), or for seeking relief from domestic violence. Call our office to discuss your potential labor code violations or for an evaluation of your claims:

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