4 common violations in the workplace
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4 common violations in the workplace

On Behalf of | May 15, 2023 | Wage and Hour Violations

All workplaces should be safe and enjoyable for everyone. Alas, some workplaces fail to provide safe and fair environments for people, especially employees.

One of the reasons why many employees feel stressed and short-changed at work is due to labor violations. Here are some common violations that occur in many workplaces.

1. Misclassifying employees as independent contractors

Many companies, unfortunately, treat their workers like independent contractors. For instance, an employer expects their employees to work a set schedule in an office building yet pays them at a per-piece rate rather than by the hour. It’s crucial to know the difference between employees and independent contractors so that appropriate action is taken if an employer takes advantage of their workers.

2. Failing to pay commissions in sales positions

Suppose a salesperson’s pay consists of a base hourly rate plus commissions. However, their employer only pays them for the hours they worked, not their sales.

3. Retaliation

Some higher-ups punish employees for complaining about illegal behavior or safety violations or reporting them to the authorities, aka whistleblowing. They might demote or terminate workers to humiliate and silence them while protecting their own image. This is not allowed.

4. Not paying for overtime hours

Employees working overtime should receive pay for the extra hours they’re on the clock. Nonetheless, some employers might refuse to grant them their extra wages to (dishonestly) save money.

Workers shouldn’t have to worry about their employers shirking federal/state laws, but unfortunately, it still goes on. Is your employer violating workplace policies? If so, reach out to experienced legal guidance for assistance.