Do you work in a hostile work environment? Here are 4 red flags
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Do you work in a hostile work environment? Here are 4 red flags

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2021 | Discrimination

A hostile work environment is one in which you feel uncomfortable and unsafe. You may not feel comfortable with how a coworker invades your personal space or be upset about someone harassing a colleague.

It is your right to work in an environment free of hostilities. You should be able to do your job without a fear of toxic work culture influencing your day. Here are four red flags that show that your workplace may be hostile, so you can watch out for offenses that you should report.

  1. Your boss doesn’t want to hear complaints

One of the major red flags that shows you could be in a hostile environment is that your boss doesn’t want to hear your complaints about the job. If you are reporting harassment or other serious issues, your boss should absolutely want to know and be ready to take action to support you.

  1. Your work/life balance is in ruins

Hostile workplaces may make it difficult for you to get away. If you can’t leave your email unattended or be without your phone for fear of reprimand, then you may want to consider alternatives to this position. Of course, your time on or off the clock will depend on your contract for employment.

  1. Other coworkers notice red flags, too

Have other coworkers mentioned harassment at work? Have there been cases of sexual harassment and discrimination that were swept under the rug? If your coworkers notice these things and you’re seeing them more often, your workplace may not be the best environment for you.

  1. You don’t ever feel like you can relax at work (or home)

Finally, if you don’t feel like you can relax at work or home because of people contacting you outside of working hours or sending you distressing or harassing emails or messages, you may be working in a hostile environment. You deserve to be treated with respect.

If you are dealing with discrimination, harassment or other issues at work, it’s important to look into your rights. You may be able to seek compensation or other legal remedies for what you’ve gone through in your workplace.