3 ways that employment discrimination limits your career growth
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3 ways that employment discrimination limits your career growth

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2021 | Discrimination

Numerous laws at both the federal and state levels protect workers from discrimination. An employer should not base their decisions about your career on your age, your religion, your sex or other protected characteristics, like medical conditions. 

Unfortunately, employers often still make decisions based on personal bias or stereotypes rather than a worker’s education or job performance. What are some of the ways that employment discrimination could negatively impact your career?

You might struggle to get the best jobs 

Some employers discriminate against workers of certain backgrounds when conducting job interviews or hiring for a position at their company. It can be frustrating to feel like you have a foot in the door somewhere, only to get turned away after an interview where your differences became obvious.

You might routinely get passed over for promotions 

Promotion discrimination is among the most common forms of employment discrimination. A company hires a worker without discriminating based on protected characteristics like age and race, but then that worker can’t find a way to improve their income or move up to a better position. Less-qualified applicants get promoted while they get passed over time and again.

You are the first to go if the company has to downsize its workforce

Sometimes, employment discrimination comes in the form of an unjust termination. Employers might fire or lay off workers over a certain age or belonging to a certain group in disproportionate amounts when they restructure or downsize. 

These experiences could set you back years in terms of your career development and decrease your earning potential. Fighting back against employment discrimination can help you and other people who share your characteristics.