Pinterest accused of workplace discrimination
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Pinterest accused of workplace discrimination

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2020 | Uncategorized

For some people, working at Pinterest can seem like a dream come true. This was the same feeling that one employee felt when she landed a job at Pinterest’s headquarters in California. However, that excitement quickly began to disappear the more she spent time working at Pinterest.

Reports of sexist behavior

The employee stated that the issues arose when her boss began to want to learn more about her life. Her boss reportedly asked about her past romances and whether she was currently dating. She says he would go as far as pressuring her to accept a ride from him. Then, matters took a turn for the worse when a pulse survey from Pinterest landed on her desk. Believing that the information would be kept secret, she disclosed how uncomfortable and unfair her boss was being. That information got to the ear of her boss, and she says that she was suddenly not being invited to meetings or being placed on projects.

Racial discrimination

Another case involving Pinterest included the disclosure of information regarding disparities in pay between white and Black employees. An employee from the financial department, which also handles payroll, presented the information to the HR department. Not only was the information not taken seriously, but the employee was suddenly ordered to pay over $60,000 in company credit card charges. He says this was retaliation for presenting the information in the first place. Later, a letter was sent to him stating that he would be taken to court if he did not pay the money back. He accepted the reality and paid the money back to Pinterest.

As these workplace discrimination cases have shown, it is often not enough to bring information to your company’s HR department. This is why it may be important to utilize an attorney’s knowledge and experience to explore what your options are moving forward.