“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” faces harassment allegations
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“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” faces harassment allegations

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2020 | Firm News

A group of former workers for “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” says that their work environment quickly turned from a dream job into a nightmare. An investigation in California is currently underway to determine whether writers and executive producers for the show sexually harassed employees.

The harassment descriptions given by ex-employees single out one high-level staff writer and executive producer as the main culprit. One ex-employee recounts a time when the executive asked him for sexual favors while attending a 2013 company party. Another former employee says that he witnessed the same executive touch the parts of another worker without permission.

More than a dozen former employees identified the executive producer as a man who would routinely make inappropriate sexual comments to office workers. The claimants say that many victims of the behavior were young, low-level employees who felt they did not possess the power to speak out. The embattled executive producer released a statement in which he denied any “sexual impropriety” on his part.

One media source says it spoke to 36 former employees who say they witnessed and experienced the abuse associated with “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” first hand. These employees say that racism, intimidation and fear were also mainstays of the culture surrounding the show. Warner Brothers would not comment specifically on the report but said an internal investigation is currently underway.

DeGeneres expressed her remorse through a letter to the staff. She says it was her intent from the beginning for the show to represent a place where employees could be “happy” and be shown respect.

Harassment and discrimination in the workplace can leave employees feeling powerless and alone. Individuals who feel they have received unfair treatment while performing their job duties may benefit from speaking to an attorney experienced with employment law.